Mystone Lavagna. The allure of total black.

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Mystone Lavagna. The allure of total black. - 1

New stone effect stoneware for residential and contract spaces.

One of the hottest interior trends at present?

A return to moody, dark colours. Interior designers and architects are increasingly choosing grey, dark blue, green and, of course, black for their great allure and elegance: a total black wall or floor can enhance the colour and shape of furniture and accessories, giving both residential and contract interiors a real touch of character.


Marazzi embraces this trend with a new total black product in the stone effect stoneware range called Mystone Lavagna. The inspiration, as the Italian name suggests, is the "blackboard", that is to say to the darkest variety of slate. Mystone Lavagna reproduces the distinctive colour and texture of blackboard slate in a unique, striking material that can be used on floors, walls or as a cladding on architectural features.

The product is available in several sizes, including a mosaic 3d tile measuring 30x30 cm and a 30x60 cm strip tile.

Mystone is the stoneware tile by Marazzi which combines contemporary design and high-tech performance in one material: it is the perfect solution for interior and exterior spaces, with a versatile finish suitable both for residential and contract spaces, and even for major architectural features such as ventilated facades.


Besides Mystone Lavagna, the Mystone collection is boosted this year with another two new products in stone effect porcelain stoneware: Mystone Ardesia and Mystone Bluestone.

The first one is inspired by natural slate, reproposing its compact structure and texture in 3 colours (Bianco, Cenere and Antracite); the second one reproduces the look of "blue stone" (known also as "Soignies stone"), a distinctive sedimentary rock that is blue-grey in colour, offered in 3 shades (Grigio, Piombo and Antracite).